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The Products Offered Under Wholesale Lolly Supplies

Lollies come in a wide range of flavours and designs all supplied by confectionery shops to various locations in the country.  Some of the lolly products sold by confectionery suppliers are further analysed below. 

  1. Mint Flavoured Lollies – A mint lolly can be defined as a divisive candy which comes along with a powerful minty aroma. The confectionery is characterised by either the presence of real mint oil or mint flavouring. These are made from the different types of mints available which include spearmint, peppermint and much more. These sorts of lollies can make a perfect selection as either a table centrepiece or an after-dinner treat. When purchasing mint flavoured lollies from your confectionery supplier, always ensure that they take you through a simple guide to find a flavour that suits you well.
  2. Decorative Lollies -- Wholesale lolly suppliers also offer decorative confectionery which can be used to accentuate a buffet through the artistic blend of colour. Such decorative lollies can be used on occasions such as a corporate presentation, wedding or even an engagement party. The confectionery suppliers ensure that you get the best colours according to your theme. The ordering process for such lollies is different as you have to book before they are prepared. This will give the suppliers enough time to decorate the sweets according to your very own inclinations.
  3. Mentholated Lollies – Wholesale lolly supplies also offer mentholated lollies. These are used to provide a fresh feeling which goes through your airways, clearing them. The lollies come in a lot of flavours which you can choose from depending on your liking. For instance, you can have varieties such as honey or butter mixed with eucalyptus. The mentholated candies are well-known to offer a feeling of cleanliness which might end up shaping your entire day. For customised mentholated lollies, you can organise with your confectionery supplier to deliver the desired taste.
  4. Gluten Free Lollies – In society today, many people are allergic to gluten products. This however should not slow you down from enjoying the sweet nature of lollies. The gluten-free sweets make sure that everyone gets to enjoy the treats without the complications that might arise with ingestion. The confectioneries have a variety of tastes and designs. They also guarantee that you do not need to compromise on candy quality or taste. When purchasing this, it is essential to make sure that you contact your wholesale supplier before buying the candy to make the distinction.

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