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3 Ways to Add Flavour to Vegan Pizza

Do you run a pizza restaurant and want to start catering to a wider range of dietary needs? Or are you planning to cook for a vegan guest in the near future? Perhaps you've just gone dairy-free and don't know if pizza will ever taste the same again? Whatever it is, this list of ideas will help you add some serious flavour to your plant-based pizzas - without using cheese or meat. Be warned, you might find that many of your guests miraculously 'turn vegan' once they see your amazing creations.

Drizzle with Flavoured Oil 

Adding a drizzle of flavoured oil is one of the easiest ways to add a little something extra to your vegan pizzas. Drizzling garlic oil before cooking adds a mouth-watering but subtle flavour, and tastes great with Mediterranean vegetables. For something a little hotter, try adding chilli oil once the pizza comes out of the oven - just be sure you don't go overboard. Even a little plain olive oil and sprinkle of salt and pepper can turn a pizza from average to delicious.

Sprinkle with Herbs 

Herbs are amazing. Fact. Simply adding a different combo of herbs to the same pizza can make a huge difference to the final product, so it's worth taking some time to experiment. For a classic Italian taste, a mixture of oregano, thyme and rosemary is perfect. For a vibrant, summery pizza, fresh basil is the ideal topping. Parsley tastes great on garlicky pizzas, and fresh coriander is a fun way to add an Indian-inspired twist to a veggie pizza.

Make Cashew Cheese 

Didn't think vegans could eat cheese? Think again. You can make a delicious cashew cheese to add to your pizzas simply by soaking cashew nuts, then blending with lemon juice, garlic powder, mixed herbs, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper. Refrigerate for a solid consistency, or spread onto pizzas as is for a melted effect. For a more solid cheese, similar to feta, combine ground almonds with lemon juice and garlic, strain using a cheese cloth, then bake in the oven. Perfect for crumbling onto Greek-style pizzas. Experiment with different nuts and different types of seasoning to create your own unique blends - way more interesting than plain old mozzarella.

So, what makes an amazing vegan pizza? Combine a great tasting base, loads of fresh vegetables, a drizzle of flavoured oil, a sprinkle of herbs, then add some tasty homemade vegan cheese, and you'll definitely be onto a winner. For more advice, contact a pizza restaurant.

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